RS 3000 Series Granulators:

The RS 3000 Series granulators can best be summarized as a heavy-duty version of a mid-sized granulator. Most common feedback existing owners comment on is the build quality and heavy duty nature of this series compared to other brands in the same size range.

Common uses for the Getecha RS 3000 Series:

  • Beside-the-press large part applications (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion)
  • Central granulating room, off-line applications
  • Batch feed granulating
  • Extrusion application (sheet, profiles, edge trim)
  • Blow molding applications with special rotor configurations

    RS 3000 Cutting Chamber/Rotor Technology:

  • Segmented rotors to provide for most efficient stagger arrangement for your application to save energy, reduce RPM and deliver the best regrind quality.
  • Staggered rotors for many applications to reduce RPM and noise levels while reducing the required motor size compared to non-staggered rotors.
  • Fully accessible, tool-free design for safer maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • Standard, off-rotor blade setting fixture for quicker and safer blade replacement.
  • Continuous cutting circle for improved regrind, efficiency and operation of the your granulating needs.
  • Getecha's line of RS 2000 and RS 3000 Series of granulators serve many different application needs due to the flexibility of the build design. These granulators incorporate a modular design of various integral components that can be arranged on standard base designs to meet a variety of application demands, the modularized components include:

  • Hoppers
  • Cutting chambers
  • Rotors
  • Infeed systems
  • Evacuation systems

    RS 3000 Series Design Features:

    Simple Operation

  • Large, labeled push buttons
  • Indicator lamps for operational status
  • Ergonomic design
  • No-tool clean-out procedures
  • Pre-Adjustable, off rotor blade setting fixtures as standard

    Easy to Clean FMC -15 Min.
  • Hopper and material container easy to open
  • Quick release clamps - no tools required
  • Good accessibility to all components
  • Too free screen removal

    High productivity

  • Continuous throughputs up to 1,200 lbs./hr
  • Blade adjustment outside of granulator
  • Quick to clean
  • Easy maintenance
  • Constant cutting circle
  • Tangential feeding with scissor cutting
  • Developed from practical plastics industry experience
  • Modular design
  • Integrated sound insulation
  • Flexible variation of components
  • Variable rotor designs for application requirements
  • Full line of supporting equipment available

    Versatile use

  • Segmented rotors for various applications
  • Excellent feeding characteristics
  • Optimal distribution of cutting forces, even for thicker walled materials

    Sample Installations:

    Double walled extruded plate application:

    Duties assigned:

  • Granulating of of double-walled plates, length 10 feet, width 24", height 0.15 to 1.2 inches
  • Ergonomic feed-in of the plates
  • Throughput approx. 650 lbs./hr
  • Low sound level
  • Getecha solution:

  • RS 3009 with only 45 HP for this highly impact-resistant material
  • Segmented rotor with slightly helically displaced segments. A highly displaced rotor may lead to blocking because the plates are not fully cut on their width.
  • Ergonomic handling of the plates: the operator lays the plates on the horizontal feeding table. With a push of the button (two-hand operation), the table is pneumatically swivelled to a 40 diagonal position and the plates slide into the pull-in device of the granulator.
  • The pull-in device is designed in such a way that even 4 mm-strong plates can be granulated in piles and ensures, that the granulator is not overfed. During operation, the draw-in rollers can be run at up to 32 mm apart.
  • The granulator and the extraction fan are completely housed in an additional sound cabinet. The feeding table is fitted with an additional sound cover for the purpose of additionally absorbing the sound emitted through the opening of the granulator.

    Massive, heavy-duty automotive manifolds:

    Duties assigned:

  • Granulating of smaller but massive parts made of PA with up to 50% GF
  • Occasional granulating of closed elbow housings (core melt-through procedure)
  • Setting-up of the system in the production in such a way that a noise-level below 82 dB(A) and dust-proof was required
  • Design of the system:

  • Granulator RS 3006 with compact variation rotor with open rotor filling pieces.
  • Motor capacity 30 HP
  • Wear protection:
  • Blade in HSS (64 HRC), screen nitro-carburised
  • Fully hardened armour plates on front-side of rotor
  • Rotor and running wheel of the transport blower chemically nickel-plated
  • Transport blower with steel running wheel and cast-steel housing
  • Hopper with reinforced baffle plates
  • Air separation system GE 50 with exhaust air de-dusting (Standard)

    Sound insulation and dust-sealing:

  • Additional housing of the whole system in a sound-insulating cabinet (by customer).
  • Set-up of the sound-insulating cabinet made of galvanised metal-plate, 60 mm sound-insulating mats and perforated plate (internal).
  • Doors for the hopper opening and for accessing the system
  • Proper sealing of all openings of the sound-insulating cabinet.
  • Special Piping Application:

    Granulation demands:

  • Granulation of piercer, diameter 10 - 70 mm, wall thickness up tp 5 mm
  • Dustfree granulate; material is very brittle!
  • Closed system without any dust outlet
  • Sound level < 83 dB(A), Production in near vicinity
  • Getecha Solution:

  • RS 3004: Slow cutting velocity (200 rpm) produces granulate with minimal dust content
  • Tricky infeed system: The infeed rollers can be moved apart 8 mm via two pneumatic cylinders. The rollers are profiled with different sizes of Vee-Ways, so pipes of different diameters can be fed without any problem. Each Vee-Way corresponds to a certain size of diameter. Pipes of different diameters are not fed at the same time.
  • The integrated sound proofing with the pneumatic hopper flap and the reduced cutting velocity guarantee a sound level below 83 dB(A).
  • The additional dedusting system for the regrind was still necessary due to the brittleness of the material
  • The system is completely closed to avoid any dust outlet: - Pneumatic hopper flap
    - Enclosed granulator
    - Filter for any air flow of the system (Blower for transportation of the regrind, Blower of the dedusting unit)
    - Sealed container for regrind, sealed container for dust bin

    Tricky infeed system: The infeed rollers can be moved apart 8 mm via two pneumatic cylinders. The rollers are profiled with different sizes of Vee-Ways, so piercers of different diameters can be fed without any problem. Each Vee-Way corresponds to a certain size of diameter. Piercers of different diameters are not fed at the same time.
    Dedusting units: Two RS 3004 with blower and dedusting units are connected to the filter. The filter is cleaning itself automatically.

    Fully-Automated system for handling regrind in unique application

    Customer's demands:
  • Granulating of stock outages from the plastic paint shop 400-700 lbs/hr
  • Removal of metal contaminations
  • Granulate should be free of dust
  • Granulate should be buffered automatically
  • Feeding of parts, granulating and buffering of the granulate should be performed with as less staff labour as possible
  • Getecha solution:

  • The discharge channel of the customer's parts-vessel conveys the injection-mould-parts to a conveyor-belt through vibration. This conveyor belt loads the RS 3004.
  • A metal detector is integrated in the conveyor belt. Metal-alarm switches a pneumatic flap at the hopper inlet of the granulator. The contaminated material drops into the boxes provided through the emerging openings.
  • The RS 3004 runs at a low rotor speed (300 rpm, 15 HP) and thereby accounts for a low noise level and highly dust-free granulate.
  • A pneumatic conveyor transports the granulate to a de-dusting system. Through the air separation process, 99.9 % dust-free granulate is obtained.
  • This granulate is checked once again by means of an all-metal detector.
  • A further blower conveys the material to three storage containers. The containers can be individually activated through pneumatic switches. A filling level gauge in the containers supplies information on the level of filling.
  • A mini-SPS controls the automatic loading of the granulator in line with performance-based capacity and fills the emerging granulate one after the other, into the containers provided.

    Except for the filling of parts-vessel and the replacement of the containers, granulation is performed without human labour.

    De-dusting unit, all-metal-separator, transport blower and pipeline with 2 pneumatic switches and 3 cyclones above the container
    RS 3004 with transport blower and de-dusting system

    Technical Specifications:

    View machine drawings (click on link for .pdf file)

  • RS 3000 Complete system set-up
  • RS 3000 with bypass hopper and rear plate hopper
  • RS 3000 with integrated suction unit

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