RS 350 Series Mid-Heavy Duty Central Granulators

The Getecha RS 350 Series granulators offer a very robust, heavy duty granulator with various rotor configurations for a variety of demanding applications.

Like other large granulators designed and built by Getecha, the RS 350 Series incorporates Getecha's highly regarded advanced cutting chamber technology. The result is a modern machine that operates more efficiently, at lower noise levels, with less energy consumption while producing better quality regrind for your re-use needs. The RS 350 Series, with its rotor configurations are used in many applications, including recycling, purging or lumps granulating and other medium sized thick walled parts applications.

Advanced features of the RS 350 Series include:

Segmented rotor designs
  • Improved blade gap performance
  • Longer blade life
  • Lower cost of blades

    Staggered rotor configurations

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Allows for lower RPM while delivering higher cutting forces
  • Excellent regrind quality and consistency

    Better quality regrind

  • Tangential feed design with scissors cutting action
  • Constant cutting circle throughout life of all blades
  • Lower RPM for reduced heat generation and better regrind quality
  • Superb access to cutting chamber
  • Tool-free electro hydraulic controls of hopper and screen cradle for fast and full access to cutting chamber
  • FMC (fastest material change) clean-out times of 15 minutes from push of stop button, full unit cleaning and running again.

    -Backside cutting chamber access

  • The RS 350 series provides for access to the cutting chamber from both the front and backsides.
    Common uses for the Getecha RS 350 Series:

  • Beside-the-press medium-large part, heavy walled applications (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion)
  • Central granulating room, off-line applications
  • Batch feed granulating
  • Extrusion application (sheet, profiles, edge trim)
  • Blow molding applications with special rotor configurations
  • Heavy duty parts granulating
  • Purgings and lumps

  • Compact, segmented rotor with filler plates for lumps, purgings and ultra-heavy-duty parts granulating.

    Design flexibility to meet many application needs:

    Getecha's line of RS 350 Series granulators serves many different application needs due to the flexibility of the build design. These granulators incorporate a modular design of various integral components that can be arranged on standard base designs to meet a variety of application demands, the modularized components include:

  • Hoppers
  • Cutting chambers
  • Rotors
  • Infeed systems
  • Evacuation systems
  • Technical information:

    Technical drawings:

  • RS 350 series drawing Model
  • RS 353a1_59_ full system set-up
  • RS 353_a3_49 with blower evacuation
  • RS 353_a3_42 System with evacuation and dedusting


    Granulation of blow molded containers, up to 60 liters, along with their lumps (moyles and tails).

    Materials fed into the granulator via hand feeding or direct from the blow-molding machine via conveyor belt feeding. Customer has granulators designated by product color.

    In some cases, the lumps are collected and fed off-line after a significant cooling period.

    - Motor capacity 45 HP
    - Wear and tear package
    - Blower


    Granulator RS 353 with variation rotor: welded, segmented, half-open design with screw shaped staggered rotary blades:

  • Power saving cutting and high efficiency
  • Half open version with a large part of free space for to achieve an optimal air stream
  • Low sound level

    In-line granulation via conveyor belt

    Each color will be granulated in a separate granulator. The hopper is designed to adapt to a conveyor belt if necessary. The upper part of the hopper chute can be tilted down. In-line granulation via conveyor belt


    - Granulation of a variety of plastic parts, mainly door panels (44" x 28" x 4")
    - Low dust content and no dust outlet
    - Low sound level
    - The nearby production area (surface treatment) cannot be negative influenced by the granulator.


    Due to the dimensions of the parts and the demand for quick cleaning the RS 354 is the recommned machine. Additional to the standard the machine is equipped as follows:

    - Rotor speed 340 RPM
    - Soundproofing
    - Flap at hopper entrance (less 2-3 dB(A))
    - Convenient feeding height of hopper (59 inch)
    - Enclosure for material container
    - Special filter for conveying air flow
  • RS 354 with opened hopper and cutting chamber
  • Hydraulic cylinders lock the machine parts during operation
  • Hydraulic cylinders open and close the hopper and cutting chamber
  • The sound proofing does not affect accessibility to the machine
  • Soundproofed cabin for material container with sight glass
  • No outlet of fine dust, which could influence the nearby production area
  • Additional improvement f sound level
  • All-metal separator removes any metal contamination from the regrind.
  • Material container housed inside its own chamber to protect air quality for the nearby surface finishing area.

    - Granulation of drawers and covers of refrigerators
    - Low dust production
    - Cleaning the complete installation within 20 minutes for material change
    - Sound level below 83 dB(A)


    Due to the dimensions of the parts and the demand for quick cleaning the RS 353 is the best machine. Additional to the standard, the machine is equipped as follows:

    - Rotor speed reduced to 220 RPM (reduces sound level 5 dB(A))
    - Soundproofing
    - Flap at hopper entrance (reduces sound level 2-3 dB(A))

    - Removable fly back curtains
    - Customized suction unit with dust and metal detraction:

    The parts, which have to be granulated, can be divided into two groups: The regrind of group1 (PC, PMMA) is additionally flowing through the dedusting system. A grid magnet and an all-metal separator control all regrind.

    Layout of the suction unit and the dedusting system:
    - A manual valve is switching between conveying line 1 and 2.
    - Conveying line 1 consists of a cyclone, the dedusting unit GE 100 and an all-metal separator.
    - Conveying line 2 consists of a cyclone and an additional extension pipe to the level of the all-metal separator

    - The all-metal separator can be pulled from the outlet of conveying line 1 to the outlet of conveying line 2. This horizontal layout saves height compared to a standard Y-hose. The customer benefits from the better accessibility when cleaning the dedusting system.

    Economical comparison between the GETECHA installation and the existing competitors machine:

    - Reduction of cleaning time by 50 %
    - Reduction of contaminated material


    Customer is a global manufacturer of extruded semi-finished products (profiles, sheets) and technical parts made out of high quality plastic Materials


    - Solid cylinders and plates with a wall thickness larger than 2 inches
    - Nylon, Nylon with GF, PEEK and other technical plastic materials
    - Cleaning is important due to multiple material changes a day


    - Grinder RS 353-453 was installed in a pit, manual feeding
    - special sound proofed hopper with metal slide gate opening access
    - Grinder specs: Rotor diameter 18", 24" cutting width
    - Special closed rotor with 5 rotary blades on circumference and 4 rotor segments
    - Rotor shape is completely closed
    - Due to this rotor shape a motor size of 75 HP is sufficient!

    - Throughput approx. 900-1,100 lbs/hr.


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