Getecha RS 8000 Series Super Heavy Duty Granulators

The RS 8000 Series represents Getecha largest, standard model-line granulator. While we do build larger granulators with rotors exceeding 36" in diameter, the largest units are built on a special application basis only.

The RS 8000 Series Granulators are designed for applications requiring the best built, most heavy-duty granulators for particularly demanding applications.

Common applications:
  • Recycling
  • Central granulation
  • High throughput application
  • Bulky, voluminous parts granulating
  • Heavy duty parts granulating
  • Main Features:

    Individual machine adjustment by modular design

  • Hopper
  • Rotor
  • Cutting chamber
  • Machine base/frame

    Optimal accessibility for cleaning and servicing

  • Hydraulically activated hopper with side access door (tool free operation)
  • Hydraulically activated screen cradle (tool free operation)
  • Fully removable screen cradle on casters (tool free operation)

  • Screen cradle rolled out from under cutting chamber

    Superior rotor design

  • Segmented rotor for lengthened blade life (standard)
  • Off-rotor blade setting fixture for fastest blade changes (standard)
  • 12" length blades for easy and safe blade handling (standard)
  • Staggered design for optimally cutting efficiency, reduced horsepower, better regrind and quieter operation (depending on application - no upcharge)
  • Multi-blade rotor configurations (3, 5, 7, 9)
  • Individually replaceable rotor segments (standard)
  • Various rotor designs depending on the application
  • Reverse mounted blade design (optional, application dependent)

    Cutting build design
  • Massive pulley/flywheel for reduced energy consumption and stable operation (standard)
  • Rotor bearings positioned outside the cutting chamber for longevity and easy of access (standard)
  • Optional 3rd bed knife for special applications (application dependent option)
  • Scissors cut for better regrind and cutting efficiency (standard)
  • Continuous cutting radius for consistent performance (standard)
  • Split screens for easier handling (standard)
  • Split evacuation material container for more consistent removal of regrind (standard)
  • Controls and electronics
  • Control panel incorporates controls for granulator, evacuation system, hydraulic system (standard)
  • Smart relay with fault reporting screen for identifying potential fault conditions (standard)
  • Self monitoring safety switches to meet new safety requirements
  • Remote operated handheld control wand (standard, see photo, click on photo to link to full feature description)
  • All components are integrated as standard into the electronic controls

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