RS 4500 Series Mid-Heavy Duty Central Granulators

The Getecha RS 4500 Series granulators may be the most modern granulator available on the market. Having recently been redesigned, its popularity in the past year has been well beyond expectations.

Like other large granulators in designed and built by Getecha, the RS 4500 Series incorporates Getecha's highly regarded advanced cutting chamber technology. The result is a modern machine that operates more efficiently, at lower noise levels, with less energy consumption while producing better quality regrind for your re-use needs.

Advanced features of the RS 4500 Series include:

Segmented rotor designs
  • Improved blade gap performance
  • Longer blade life
  • Lower cost of blades
  • Safer blade changing procedures

  • Staggered rotor configurations

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Allows for lower RPM while delivering higher cutting forces
  • Excellent regrind quality and consistency

    Superb access to cutting chamber

  • Tool-free electro hydraulic controls of hopper and screen cradle for fast and full access to cutting chamber
  • Screen cradle rolls completely out from granulator base (no tools required)

    Better quality regrind

  • Tangential feed design with scissors cutting action
  • Constant cutting circle throughout life of all blades
  • Lower RPM for reduced heat generation and better regrind quality

    Common uses for the Getecha RS 4500 Series:

  • Beside-the-press very large part applications (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion)
  • Central granulating room, off-line applications
  • Batch feed granulating
  • Extrusion application (sheet, profiles, edge trim)
  • Blow molding applications with special rotor configurations
  • Heavy duty parts granulating
  • Purgings and lumps
  • Half open rotor ideal for blow molding, open slotted rotor provides for excellent airflow and cooling of hot moyles and tails.

    Compact, segmented four blade rotor for lumps, purgings and ultra-heavy-duty parts granulating.

    Shown is a standard segmented (no stagger set on this unit) rotor of a RS 4506 with a 5-gallon pale. The aggressive infeed of the RS 4500 Series granulator allows for very effective grabbing and granulating of bulky items.

    Design flexibility to meet many application needs:

    Getecha's line of RS 4500 Series granulators serves many different application needs due to the flexibility of the build design. These granulators incorporate a modular design of various integral components that can be arranged on standard base designs to meet a variety of application demands, the modularized components include:

  • Hoppers
  • Cutting chambers
  • Rotors
  • Infeed systems
  • Evacuation systems

    Technical information:

  • Watch video of access procedures of RS 4500 Granulator (13 MB, requires windows media player) To download, right click the link and choose "Save Target As...".
  • Drawing: RS 4500 Series with bypass hopper and rear plate chute (.pdf file)
  • Drawing: RS 4500 Series granulator standard layout drawing (.pdf file)
  • Drawing: RS 4500 Series granulator with infeed for flexible sheet (.pdf file)
  • Drawing: RS 4509 System Set-up Model
  • Drawing: RS 4515 Series Granulator for Thermoforming and sheet granulating

    Technical data:

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